Special Event Rentals


No one may be in the building without a mask on at all times.


All must enter ONLY through the assigned door.


For the Founders’ Room, this is the Cossitt Avenue door at the elevator.


There MUST be a written record of every attendee’s full name and their contact information (required for contact tracing);

a copy of this list must be left with the office before organizers leave the event.


Liberal use of hand sanitizer is recommended.


Social Distancing MUST be observed at all times.


There will be no food or beverages allowed

(can’t serve food with social distancing, can’t eat or drink with a mask).


There will be no more than 2 people in either the men’s or women’s rest rooms at a time

(can’t social distance in that space).


Users must remove all trash, and wipe down all surfaces (chairs, tables, counter tops)

and items before leaving the space.  Sanitizing wipes will be provided


Let us host your next event.  Here at FCCLG we are blessed with an array of space that we would love to share with you.

Spaces We Offer


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