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Who We Are

We believe the church’s mission is to change lives — individually, systemically, and globally. We work to make transformation possible, but trust in God’s grace. We are committed to working for justice, and we believe that lives are changed through global experiences and friendships. Why? Because God is still speaking.


Rev. Carly Stucklen Sather

Rev. Carly Stucklen Sather has been the Pastor and Teacher of FCCLG since 2014. She holds as her mission to reimagine faith and community for these post pandemic days. She believes that faith communities are called to be relevant, and relational, shouting out the word of God’s radical hospitality and inclusion through action and leading change in the world. 

Originally from Hinsdale, Massachusetts, she holds degrees from Bentley University, Heidelberg University, Christian Theological Seminary, and Drew University. Additionally, she holds certifications from Eden Theological Seminary, the Beeson Leadership Institute of Asbury Seminary, the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, and The Lake Institute on Faith and Giving.

Carly is married to her best friend, the Rev. Daniel Sather. Together they have two sons, Andrew (Laurie), of Philadelphia, PA, and Aaron (Tyler), of Evansville, IN, and a granddaughter, Zoe. In her free time, Carly enjoys adventure park and via ferrata climbing challenges, long walks on the beach, cooking, and making things from wood. Check out her blog and follow her on Facebook.

Pastor and Teacher

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