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Open and Affirming Statement 

Adopted by First Congregational Church of La Grange on May 16, 1999 


We, the members of First Congregational Church of La Grange, affirm our regard for the worth and dignity of all persons as beloved children of God. 


We welcome persons of diverse racial and ethnic heritage, socioeconomic circumstance, gender, age, physical and mental ability, marital status, faith perspective, gender identity, and sexual orientation to join our congregation and participate fully in its life and ministry. 


We condemn all acts of discrimination and violence, and advocate in word and deed for justice and inclusiveness. 


We welcome all families, traditional and nontraditional, as they strive to function within principles of love, justice, faith, and commitment. 


We join together to celebrate our common life as children of God and to serve a hurting world. 

We believe...

Statement Of Mission 

As people of the First Congregational Church of La Grange, both individually and collectively, we declare our mission to be as follows: 

  • To love, worship, and serve God. 

  • To increase our awareness of and thankfulness to God. 

  • To become more sensitive to the needs of our local and worldwide neighbors and to strengthen our commitment to help meet these needs. 

  • To grow in Christian love and fellowship and in our living of the ways taught by Jesus. 

  • To educate and nurture children, youth, and adults in the heritage and application of the Christian faith. 

  • To encourage others to share our pilgrimage of faith and to adopt this Statement of Mission as a guide for their lives. 

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