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Church Council

Jean O'Brien (Moderator) has been a member of FCCLG since 2015.  When she isn't working part time at a pipe organ builder, Jean enjoys playing handbells in the Carillon choir, volunteering at her son's school, and playing in her gardens when the weather allows.  If she had more free time, she would read more books.  Maybe someday!

Kevin Cunningham (Treasurer) has been a member FCCLG since 2017.  He lives in La Grange with his wife Julia and four daughters.

Sherri Ries (Council Clerk) and her husband Dave joined the church in 1981.  Sherri is an active member of the Book Club and is frequently found sprucing up the church gardens and is a willing volunteer in many ways.

Nancy Coleman (Member at Large)

Amanda Ries (Member at Large) has been attending FCCLG since 2004.  She has previously served on the Ministries of Nurture and Education and played with the Clarion Handbell Choir. Currently she is volunteering in various capacities along with Mike and their two boys.

Erik Sanders (Member at Large)  is nearly a 20-year veteran of the church and chairs the Property Committee.  He lives in Brookfield with his wife Nancy and children, Ben and Jadon.

Tom Lowry (Past Moderator) has been a member off FCCLG since 2018.  Tom lives and his husband Tom live in La Grange with their two cats.  He is currently the head cook for the Saturday Meals Program.


Rev. Carly Stucklen Sather

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