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Messy Church

RETURN OF THE MESSY CHURCH! Sunday, October 30th
10:00 am in the Founder's Room

Our church family will be embarking on a new adventure and things

could get messy. Messy Church is a unique way of doing church that

brings people from different generations and backgrounds together

in worship.

We will continue to have Messy Church on the 5th Sunday of upcoming months!

What to expect!

Craft/Game time: We will begin our time together doing crafts and

games in the Founder’s Room. Each game and craft will pertain to

our theme for the morning. There will be multiple tables set up with

crafts and games for everyone to enjoy! So explore and pick a few

activities to join! Remember this will be messy so makes sure to

wear something that you do no mind getting dirty!

Celebration: We will move into the sanctuary to for the Celebration!

During this time we will worship with music and hear the bible story

told in a vibrant and enthusiastic way that allows members of all

ages to see the story through new eyes.

Fellowship hours: Time and time again we see Jesus sharing a meal with his

disciples in the bible. Messy Church follows this example. We will be

mimicking this in our own church family. “The meal feeds body and

soul as the congregation sits around tables...together in a non-

verbal expression of the feast of the kingdom of heaven, where all

are accepted and everyone belongs without a need to earn their

place...” (Messy Church, 20). Everyone is welcomed at this table,

everyone is invited to join in our communion.

Why are we doing this?

What to expect: Expect mess. Expect noise. Expect learning. Expect

fun. Expect God to show you something new. Isaiah 43:19 says,

“Look! I’m doing a new thing; now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize

it?...” Messy Church takes us out of our routines. By changing how

we do church, by allowing something new into our worship, we

create space for God to do something new. Messy Church takes the

biblical theme of the day out of our cerebral knowledge and places

in our experience, in our crafts, in our conversations and in our

celebration. In each aspect of Messy Church we will build

relationships and in doing so, show who God is in our words and


Messy Church is extreme welcome. While working on crafts, we will

be talking with fellow church family members, meeting new visitors

and developing relationships. By worshipping in a different way, we

welcome all to learn something new. By sharing a meal we evoke

Christ and build relationships according to example set for us in the

gospels. On October 30th, we will have the pleasure of

experiencing this new way of doing church during our normal

worship time.

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